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Flowers of Life (Art Prints + Book)

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Art Prints / Moon Calendar

13 original works of art inspired by the vagina.

The works range from oil painting, watercolor, origami, digital art, vellum collage, porcelain sculpture, photography, ink, embroidery and sand painting.   

Could it be that our artificial relationship to time creates an artificial relationship to nature and ourselves? The cyclical 13 moon calendar is a visionary tool to re-imagine our understanding of time and to balance the masculine and feminine principles. Diverging from the linear Gregorian calendar, the feminine moon calendar can help us to integrate with the natural cycles of life. 

Participating Artists
Loutje Hoekstra, Philippe Stella, Angu Walters, Polly Verity, Sam Chirnside, Alice Walton, Tatianna Filidonos, Michael Hutter, Director Jacq, Shannon Rankin, Wang Ge, Marisa Papen & Michael Chichi.

13 prints of 24"x 30” / 60cm x 76cm
Printed on 200gram recycled paper with vegan inks



This thoughtfully designed manifesto contains art prints, artist statements, philosophical musings, scientific studies, poems, essays, illustrations, photography & more.

Contributing Writers
Daniel Coffeen, Marisa Papen, Loutje Hoekstra, The Law of Time, Dr. Subba Roa and more.

90 pages
Printed on 100gram recycled paper with vegan inks, thread bound

All proceeds flow back into the Earth Family foundation so we can initiate future projects just like this.

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